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Provincial government praises Sanmenxia's ecological environment2015-12-15

Sanmenxia has achieved considerable progress in the work of improving ecological environment.

Lushi county steps out to improve local education2015-12-10

Authorities in Lushi county in Sanmenxia have made concerted efforts to foster the young generation.

Sanmenxia improves benefits for senior citizens2015-12-09

Authorities in Sanmenxia have established a series of measures aimed at improving the lives of senior citizens.

Lushi to conclude 2015 with fruits2015-12-08

The Lushi county in Sanmenxia has sped up for achieving good work results while approaching to the end of the year.

Sanmenxia cares for villagers2015-12-08

Sanmenxia officials visited low-income families in the city's Lushi county on Dec 3.

Mianchi county embarks on fire prevention work2015-12-04

The government of Mianchi aims to achieve a zero rate of fire in the county this winter.

Sanmenxia authorities send a clear message against polluters2015-12-04

Sanmenxia sends a clear message against polluters

Yima looks to become a key player in Internet finance2015-12-03

Yima county is aiming to become a main propeller to secure a sound and stable development of Internet finance.

Sanmenxia inspected by provincial officials2015-09-15

A delegation from the Henan provincial Committee of CPPCC conducted an inspection tour in Sanmenxia city of Central China’s Henan province from Sept 11 to 12.

Sanmenxia ensures migrant workers get paid2014-12-10

Government sectors including the public security bureau, housing and urban-rural development bureau, and finance bureau of Sanmenxia launched a campaign to ensure migrant farmers get their salaries on Dec 9.

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