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Chang’an automobile company insists on craftsman’s spirit

Updated: 2016-04-27

By Wang Yifei,

Talented technicians are very much respected at Changan Automotive Company, Chongqing Daily reported.

“Chang’an owes its achievements to its ambition to contribute to the country via industry. It is in line with the meaning of the buzz word ‘craftsman's spirit’,” said Zhou Zhiping, secretary of the Party’s Changan Automobile committee.

Having a high quality performance ratio is an important reason that Chang’an stands out from numerous other automobile manufacturers. Quality is the foundation of a high quality performance ratio, and high quality is a result of craftsman’s spirit.

“Without persistence, focus and pursuit of perfection, quality is impossible,” said Zhou.

Zhou noted that advocating craftsman’s spirit is not enough. Good techniques and company culture are necessary to guarantee that craftsman’s spirit is implemented.

“The skilled front-line workers enjoy approximately the same salary and status as the managers. We are also considering offering them shares as incentives,” said Zhou.

He thinks that only by offering high salaries and status to skilled workers can the company enjoy sustainable development.


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