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Chongqing hotpot adds spice to city2022-01-18

Chongqing in southwestern China is famous for its spicy hotpot. And deservedly so.

Four tips for a healthy hot pot2021-03-19

So how do we maintain our little habit by having it healthily? Here are four tips you can follow.

Buffet in Liangjiang2020-04-27

Delicious buffet is available at various hotels and restaurants in Liangjiang.

Enjoy a taste of Yangtze life2018-05-30

Originally the common repast of poor boatmen along the Yangtze River, spicy Chongqing hotpot has since become the fare of foodies across China, with many restaurants including their own interpretation of the dish on their menus.

Four Seasons International House2014-01-10

Address: Building B2, Chongqing Grand Theatre, East Road of Wenhua Street, Jiangbeizui, Jiangbei District (near Chongqing Science & Technology Museum) Tel: 023-61883338

Taoranju Restaurant • Taoran Showplace2014-01-10

Address: Hongen Lane, Hongen Temple Forest Park, Jianxin West Road, Jiangbei District Tel: 023-67969888

Cygnet Hot-pot2014-01-06

Address: No.78, Jianxin North Road, Jiangbei District Tel: 023-67855328


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