China High-Tech Fair a grand stage for technology start-ups

Updated: 2013-11-20 09:42


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American blockbusters created a sensation when they were presented using 3D stereo images on transparent glass. The technology was utilized at the launching ceremony of the 15th China High-Tech Fair.

A local Shenzhen enterprise with less than 10 employees is the producer of the holographic transparent screen. What’s more surprising was that such a small enterprise could get on the State-level international technology stage.

The China High-Tech Fair encourages innovation and embraces diversity. Over the years, the China High-Tech Fair has not only served as a platform for big enterprises, but has also provided opportunities for small emerging enterprises. The fair has set up special exhibition areas for the high-tech service industry, small emerging technology enterprises and individual technological innovation. It has also organized activities like a project financing meeting, project cooperation negotiation, purchaser negotiations and information announcements. It also offers small enterprises access to finance and the latest news.

 “There are no large, established enterprises in Shenzhen. Here, successful enterprises forge their path through obstacles,” said Gao Guohui, deputy secretary general of the China High-Tech Fair committee and Shenzhen government. Many young entrepreneurs have realized their dreams in Shenzhen. The China High-Tech Fair offers them a broader stage, transforming many small companies into industry giants, such as Tencent, Netac, Han’s Laser, iFlytek, Sanrupid, Kingdee, Acto and Bens.