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Photo highlights of PLA Daily website

Updated: 2014-10-14 14:16 (chinadaily.com.cn)

The following photos were selected from 81.cn, the website of People's Liberation Army Daily, a newsite that runs reports and pictures about military trainings, exercises and activites across the nation.


The PLA is composed of three armed services - the Army, Navy and Air Force - and an independent arm, the Second Artillery Force.

The Army maintains the infantry, artillery, armor, engineering, communications, anti-chemical warfare and Army aviation, as well as other specialized units. The Navy is comprised of surface, submarine, naval aviation, coastal defense, marine corps and other specialized units. The Air Force contorls aviation, surface-to-air missile and antiaircraft artillery, radar, and airborne, as well as other specialized units. The Second Artillery Force is in charge of the strategic missiles, conventional missiles and other specialized units.

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Photo highlights of PLA Daily website
A tank with an armored brigade of the Nanjing Military Area Command goes through muddy field during training on Oct 10. [Photo/81.cn] 

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