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Updated: 2012-03-12 08:11

(China Daily)

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Cast your mind back to the shocking images of the deadly earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan one year ago. The disaster should remind us all that life is a blessing. Perhaps one of the best ways to pay tribute to all those who have died as a result of such natural disasters is to cherish the gift of life and the love of friends and relatives. China Daily mobile news readers share their views.

The deadly earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan last year reminded me of what happened in Wenchuan in 2008. Seeing the images of destruction, I thought of and felt sorry for my fellow countrymen who suffered during that catastrophe. Therefore, I did voluntary work at the hospitals and railway station and helped those in need as much as possible. I wish the victims in China and Japan can rest in peace and those alive can cherish life.

A READER, Chengdu, Sichuan province

After I went to university, I suffered from a severe stomachache due to my irregular eating habits and heavy homework and my weight dropped dramatically. After going to the hospital, my mom and I were alarmed by the result of my gastroscopic examination. Now I have gradually changed my bad habits and restored my health. Only when I almost lost my health did I realize how great it feels to be healthy and alive.

A READER, Zhengzhou, Henan province

My younger brother drowned 10 years ago, which caused my family great pain. Everyone carefully hid their sorrow and moved on. Now my family live the same and happy life as before, because we know the best way to commemorate the departed is to live well. I want to tell those who lose faith in life that no matter how humble you are someone cares for you. Just live your life.

A READER, Kunming, Yunan province

Since there was an aftershock in Xi'an during the Wenchuan earthquake, many people went to sleep in the square at night, but my family stayed at home. When I asked my mom why we did not go to the square like other families, my mom told me we stayed together, no matter what, which gave me warmth during those scary days.

A READER, Xi'an, Shaanxi province

I can only go back home twice a year since I study in a different city. I realize that my life is not only something that concerns me because my aging parents always send me text messages every day asking me about my daily life. What my parents care about most is not my studies but whether I am happy or tired. Loving myself and my parents is my way of honoring life.

A READER, Beijing

When I was busy with job-hunting after graduation, I fell seriously ill. It even threatened my life. At that time, I bravely faced it with a smile even though I felt helpless at the thought of death. Now, even though I am unemployed, I am very optimistic and believe I can overcome hardships in the end.

A READER, Chongqing

Over the last 20 days it rained continuously and I had almost forgotten what a sunny day felt like. It made me quite moody. Yesterday I made an important decision and switched my research area from physics to linguistics. Today the sunshine seems to tell me my choice was the right one. We should feel grateful for life and the freedom we now have to decide our dreams.

A READER, Jinhua, Zhejiang

I have been feeling blue about my future recently just like the rainy days, but the sun will come out and the haze will disappear eventually. We can find our own way if we live our life with a thankful heart.

A READER, Nanchang, Jiangxi province

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