Lei Feng: Role model

Lei Feng: Role model

March 5 marks the 49th anniversary of the "Learn from Lei Feng Day", a day named in honor of the Chinese soldier Lei Feng, after he died in 1962, for his selflessness and modesty.

While Lei Feng's name still resonates in China and elsewhere, some begin to wonder whether the spirit of Good Samaritan is still relevant in an age of intense materialistic pursuit and whether the image of helping grandmas cross the road is somewhat outdated.

How do you perceive Lei Feng spirit in the modern age? Is it really being driven into irrelevance as times change? Or is it in fact always there, just for us to rediscover and redefine?

Lei Feng: Role model

Lei Feng: Role model@Guaiguaideayuan Radio host at Zaozhuang Station 

There is nothing wrong with Lei Feng Spirit. It's not the fault of those "Lei Fengs" (those who follow Lei's example) that the spirit is now challenged and even doubted by some. It's the reality and people's perception of the reality: we want more from the others and from the society, and when the desires can't be fully satisfied, we blamed something or somebody.

Lei Feng: Role model@Wenxinfoshan Sina Weibo user 

Today the new definition for Lei Feng Spirit should be as follows: 1. Try to do good, no matter how small it it; 2, try to be responsible; 3, try to be independent and do regular self-introspection; 4, try to put yourself in the others' shoes, as often as possible; 5, and try to persevere in everything you do.

Lei Feng: Role model@Xingzhexiongdi Sina Weibo user

In a word: do our own work well, and then use the extra energy to improve the society. This is Lei Feng Spirit.

Lei Feng: Role model@Cuixitao Sina Weibo user

In the current society, we can't demand everyone to be "totally altruistic" like Lei Feng used to be. But everybody can do the basics: we can show more compassion, have a stronger sense of obligation and try our best to do what we are capable of doing. This is the essence of learning from Lei Feng. 

Lei Feng: Role model@Sheshouzuolangjitianya Sina Weibo user

The reason why we are now calling for the reinvigoration of Lei Feng Spirit is that it is in short supply. The reason why an almost sixty-years-old Chen Xianmei (she was the first to help the toddler Yue Yue, who was run over twice by passing vans and ignored by 18 passers-by) moved the whole nation is that she woke up many a soul whose conscience has long been lost in this materialistic world. 

Lei Feng: Role model@Xinghuaqi Author who compiled the Collected Works of Lei Feng

We promote Lei Feng Spirit because Lei Feng is an "ordinary" hero. His "heroics" were done in his daily life, and we can do the same if we wish. His spirit isn't about communism or socialism - nothing ideological - but about the basic human nature. If everyone could follow Lei Feng's path, the community will become much healthier.

Lei Feng: Role model

China now is in a period of social transition with moral conditions among people differed sharply. While some people volunteer to teach in remote villages, some take pleasure in pursuing and flaunting wealth. While some broke their arms to catch a falling kid, some did nothing but watch a baby was killed alive under wheels.

China needs to seek a "spiritual impetus" for the changing society based on the essence of Lei Feng's spirit.