Stop undermining Korean peninsula's peace process

Updated: 2012-02-29 10:14


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As the Korean peninsula is at a crucial stage of regaining peace and stability, it is important for DPRK and the United States to resolve differences through dialogue and to promote the early resumption of the six-party talks.

Inexplicably, South Korea recently stated that China violated international rules in dealing with DPRK nationals who have illegally entered China. The statement shows disrespect for China's active and constructive role in restoring peace and stability on the Korean peninsula, and is a hurdle to the restart of the six-party talks.

The DPRK nationals who illegally entered Chinese territory for economic reasons are illegal aliens, not refugees. China is handling the issue prudently and properly in line with domestic and international laws and humanitarian principles. Its treatment of illegal aliens serves the interests of various parties, and conforms to international practice. Any attempt to internationalize or politicize the illegal immigration issue would be in vain.

The Korean peninsula is facing many severe challenges, and could not have enjoyed even temporary stability without China's active and constructive role. As a major stakeholder on the peninsula, South Korea knows best how the peninsula rode out the hard times in the past.

During the sixth-party talks a few years ago, a consensus was reached to ensure the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, normalization of relations among relevant countries, and establishment of a Northeast Asian peace and security mechanism, which is crucial to bringing lasting peace and stability to the region. The 9/19 joint statement issued at that time is not outdated, instead it is still of practical guiding significance. Any violation of the principles established in the joint statement would undermine the peace process, and damage the interests of South Korea and other stakeholders.

The bumpy course of the sixty-party talks shows that playing petty tricks out of domestic political considerations or seizing the initiative by causing unnecessary troubles will complicate matters, increase uncertainty, and hurt both oneself and others.

As a main participant of the six-party talks, China gives top priority to the overall situation, and is firmly committed to restoring peace and stability on the Korean peninsula despite all hurdles. China does not like to cause troubles, and is not afraid of getting involved in troubles. As a responsible country, China will continue to play an active and constructive role in promoting peace in the region. All parties concerned should give due respect to China's efforts, and stop undermining the peace process on the Korean peninsula.