A horrifying incident indeed

Updated: 2011-12-12 08:00

(China Daily)

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A horrifying incident indeed

Comment on "Recycled needles spread hepatitis C", (China Daily, Nov 30)

I was horrified on reading the news. The clinic owner and the doctor are shameless. They are obsessed with profits, and don't follow any ethics or take even the simplest precautions. We don't know how many private clinics like this exist around us.

To prevent the recurrence of such a disaster, I advise patients to opt for reputable hospitals instead of shady clinics. People should not be lured by low prices. If they expect to get proper medical treatment, they'd better go to a good hospital.

More importantly, local authorities should inflict severe punishment on illegal clinics, which are like malignant tumors in society.

Gary, on China Daily website

Act now to prevent more tragedy

The tragedy has its origin in poverty and backwardness. I believe recycled needles are being used in other parts of China, too, and similar incidents could take place. Besides, the use of "gutter oil", substandard unqualified food and unsafe school buses are also great medical and social hazards.

China is a developing country and faces many social problems. To ensure the country's stable and smooth economic development, the government should take drastic measures to solve such problems once and for all.

Hwl, on China Daily website

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(China Daily 12/12/2011 page9)