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Yushu-we're with you forever

Updated: 2010-05-06 15:35
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Comment on "More understanding, less blame" (April 30)

Yushu earthquake once again shocked China and the world! All Chinese people are soaked in great sorrow for the massive hurts and damage of lives and properties brought about by the sudden disaster, but at the same time we feel relieved for the rapid rescue efforts conducted by the Chinese Central government and the State Council.

All rescuing work are carried out in time and in order. From supreme leaders President Hu Jintao, Premier Wen Jiabao to every common Chinese, the whole country immediately got involved in the rescuing work. People go all out to help reduce the earthquake damages to the least. Under the effective and powerful leadership of the central government and every local administrations, soldiers, policemen, businessmen, workers, farmers, students, and people of all-walks of life, including oversea Chinese, compatriots of Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao unite as a whole family and try every possible means to save lives and properties of the earthquake victims. Everyday we are deeply moved to tears for the great passion and the spirit of sacrifice of all Chinese people in this big family.

The diligent and brave Chinese people fear nothing and can and will never be defeated by any trouble because all Chinese people are in one united harmonious family. Under the correct and strong leadership of the Chinese Communist Party and the Central Government, we have every reason to believe, we can surely win the final victory over the disaster.

defender, on China Daily Website