More understanding, less blame

By Liu Hongji (China Tibet Information Center)
Updated: 2010-04-30 15:09
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The magnitude-7.1 earthquake hit China's Qinghai Province on April 14, 2010 caused great concern from the Chinese people. The central government and the State Council enabled the state emergency system and supervised in time to make every effort in search, rescue and disaster relief. In the meanwhile, Vice Premier Hui Liangyu went to the disaster-stricken areas on the first day and established the commanding office of united rescue work to coordinate and conduct the relief efforts in a comprehensive way. Despite the senior ages and physical reaction on the plateau, China's President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao traveled to Yushu in person to direct the relief efforts. Likewise, the relief workers and supplies were transported to the areas under the supervision of the Chinese government. In addition, people from all over the country donated money and the volunteers rushed to the quake zone. They also showed their encouragement through the media and such words could be heard everywhere in Yushu such as "Cheer up, Yushu!", "We are all with Yushu people after April 14", "Trust Our Party, Trust Our Government, and You will be better off with their Strong Backup."

The relief workers were spending every minute on search and rescue even by hand for the safety of the people despite the danger of aftershocks, serious physical discomfort and cold weather. For several days they kept putting up tents; and the medical personnel tried their utmost to save the wounded and transferred the seriously injured people through all kinds of transportation to the hospitals in other provinces supervised by the government. In addition, the relief workers provided food for free and opened dinning rooms to the victims and repaired drinking water, power and telecommunication facilities. Local monks and civilians started with the relief work voluntarily or organized by the Party. Meanwhile, more volunteers across the country were waiting to leave for the quake zone. In sum, all of the rescue work was well-managed and carried out in a good order under the leadership of the Chinese Central Government and the Commanding Office. The ability of coordination and management in emergency estimated by the government during the earthquake was well received by many countries. The relief efforts demonstrated the harmonious ties among different ethnic groups, great cohesion of the Chinese Communist Party and the State Government as well as the incomparable advantage of the Socialist System.

However, an unpleasant voice was also heard from a small group of people and foreign media. It goes as: "China is putting up a show in the relief work caring only the employed, but not the farmers and herdsmen." The rumor also goes as:"It was actually the monks who did the work, but the PLA soldiers were covered on TV instead," "There is a strict rule against a free entry of the monks into the quake zone. And the relief supplies were distributed randomly making people doubt whether it will fall into the hands of the disaster-hit people." It was regretful that while the Chinese government and people were making their best in saving people’s lives in Yushu, these people were acting as bystanders and even provoked conflicts between ethnic groups, cadres and people as well as the army and civilians. However, only facts count. It was a fact that armed police and relief workers rescued people from the debris tirelessly, building up tents, treated the wounded in the danger of losing their own lives in the aftershocks and the reaction of plateau. Moreover, the local government and organizations sent out relief goods from all parts of China to ensure that every civilian had food to eat, clothes to wear and tents to stay in. Furthermore, it is also an undeniable fact that people all over the country gave their donations for the reconstruction of the disaster hit areas. Even if there was a time difference in rescuers, it aimed to save more people’s lives within limited time. It is also necessary to adopt these measures to ensure the smooth lifelines due to the narrow streets in the Old Town of Yushujie with limited paths. Without practical management and supervision, it would stir up chaos with a random entry into the areas.

There are always some people and countries that hold some prejudice against the Chinese Communist Party and its actions. Not only do they condemn the CCP, but also directly interfere in its affairs without a fair and objective picture of what is happening in China. It could be doubted that they mean to contain a rising China without caring for the people and their property. Suppose they have some sympathy for the people, they should take some actions in relief efforts and reconstruction. Mr. Jack Li, a famous actor and founder of Jack Li Foundation once said: "Volunteers should only act as aides of the government instead of troublemakers." Therefore, there should be more understanding and less blames for the sake of the bereaved and the living, and for the benefit of disaster relief and reconstruction of the areas.