Google has become but a political tool, overseas netizens say

Updated: 2010-03-24 16:41
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Google has become but a political tool, overseas netizens say

Google Inc formally announced on March 22 it will end its self-censorship of harmful information in accordance with Chinese law by redirecting traffic from its Beijing-based search engine to its service in Hong Kong. The move triggered an intense discussion on chinadaily.com.cn, and a majority of overseas netizens believes that multinational corporations should abide by their host country's laws. According to the netizens, Google has degenerated into a political tool of the US government to seek hegemony.

Foreign enterprises operating in China must abide by China's law

Most overseas netizens said that it is essential that Google abide by China's law if it wants to operate in China. Malaysian netizen HsunTze said that "Google is a good search engine. But it should play its role well in other countries if it wants to achieve its global strategy. In China, Google should respect and obey China's law and rules to regulate its operations. If not, there is no way but to leave China." Anthony from Thailand emphasized that "each country has a different history and background. The laws and regulations in each country are different, especially for China, which has 1.3 billion in population. You shouldn't expect every country must be the same as USA. Any company that operates in other countries must respect the law of those countries. If Google is not satisfied with China's rules, Google should leave China. "

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Google has become a political tool to export American values and seek hegemony

Many netizens say Google has degenerated into a US government tool to seek hegemony. Helen from the UK said that "it is well known internationally that Google's initial start-up was funded by the CIA. Besides, Google now has links to all the U.S. Intelligence agencies, which is a well publicized fact." Australian netizen James added that "Google has finally shown its real intent! That is to use the Internet to subvert and control China. I suppose China and its citizens will not agree to hand over this control of information to Google and let it use it as a tool to carve up the Chinese nation."

Governments have the responsibility to ensure the safe flow of information

Most overseas netizens believe that it is necessary for governments to filter harmful information to reduce its negative impact upon society. American netizen John said that even in the US, Google practices censorship. "In the US, Google is obeying the Patriot Act, which means that it is spying on the email of an unknown number of people without their knowledge and without a court order as I understand it." Malaysian netizen HsunTze deemed it important to practice Internet censorship. "As a saying goes: Prevention is better than cure. It is wise and I agree with it. If good things are digested, it is good for body and mind. But if that good thing contains traces of poison, then such traces must be eliminated prior to distribution. It is vital to check, monitor, filter and remove the harm-causing elements so that only the good part reaches the public." American netizen CV pointed out that it is unfair for the US government to criticize China while it is censoring the Internet, too. "It is reasonable for Chinese government to censor the harmful pornographic, anti-China separatists and subversive information. The US government will in no way allow anti-US such as Al-Qaida and domestic and international Muslim extremist websites to be searchable by US citizens."

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