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Taiwan novelist ties with Zhouzhuang


Sanmao, a renowned Taiwan writer, first visited Zhouzhuang in 1989. An essay by Zhouzhuang's local writer Zhang Qihan titled Sanmao's Visit in Zhouzhuang was published in newspapers.

In a letter, Zhang invited Sanmao to visit Zhouzhuang again, recommending possible arrangements for her trip to the ancient water town, which included wandering waterways on a traditional boat, enjoying the moon rising over the Nanhu Lake and sampling the famous Granny Tea.

Sanmao, on the other side of the Strait, accepted his invitation joyfully. She excitedly told her father in a letter that she would go to Zhouzhuang to relish hairy crabs, a famous local seasonal delicacy.

However, in 1991, Sanmao, at the age of 47, committed suicide at home in Taipei, Taiwan, never able to fulfill the appointment with Zhang. In January, 1994, in memorial of Sanmao, Zhang established the tea house named after her in Zhouzhuang.

Taiwan novelist ties with Zhouzhuang

Sanmao teahouse in Zhouzhuang, an iconic water town in East China's Jiangsu province. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

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