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Zhouzhuang Boat

Zhouzhuang Boat

The 13-meter-long wood loading bridge upon the Baixian Lake is connected to the famous Zhouzhuang Boat at one of its ends. The inscribed board of the Zhouzhuang Boat is a work by Lu Jiaheng, a calligrapher of Kunshan.

The main body of the Zhouzhuang Boat is a meeting hall of 240 square meters, where a 180-square-meter artificially woven carpet is paved in the center floor. The meeting hall is lined with 26 quality cane chairs in a circle, whose seats and backs are soft sponge cushions.

The cane chairs are separated by Ming style tea tables, equipped with imported mikes. The meeting hall is lined on both sides with French windows against one-meter-wide shipboard corridors.

Walking along the vermilion wooden stairs, you will come to the upper level of the Zhouzhuang Boat, where there is a 50-square-meter coffee house in modern style. There is an open-air saloon outside the hall, with cast iron chairs and wooden railings.