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  • Roads


    There are 34 roads in the built up area of the Kunming National Hi-Tech Industries Development Zone.

  • Piping Construction


    The area has the 110-KV Majinpu Transformer Substation with 10-KV power cable outlets and 21 10-KV lines that are 29.66-km long, and costing 100 million yuan.

  • Public housing


    A public housing project will provide 43,140 sq m of housing in the Kunming New City Hi-Tech Industrial Base and is expected to be ready for occupancy in August 2014.

  • Greening and gardens


    The base has the Majinpu Sewage Treatment Plant on a 40,66-sq-m area, with a capacity of 30,000 cubic meters daily and costing around 201 million yuan.

  • Lighting and heating


    There is lighting in nine public areas, including High-Tech Times Square, and 10 landscaped areas for companies.

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