Updated: 2014-05-17 13:34

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Numbers of Administrative Service Centers


Kunming Environmental Protection Bureau: 0871-68155620

Health Office: 0871-68155621

Civil Affairs Office: 0871-68155617

Population and Family Planning Office: 0871-68155619

Kunming Culture and Sports Bureau: 0871-68155625

Kunming Human Resources Bureau: 0871-68155623

Kunming Local Taxation Bureau: 0871-68155624

Kunming State Taxation Bureau: 0871-68155622

Kunming Industry and Commerce Bureau: 0871-68155634

Kunming Quality Supervision Bureau: 0871-68155607

Kunming Law Enforcement Unit: 0871-68155611

Kunming Urban Planning Branch Bureau: 0871-68155630

Kunming Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau: 0871-68155615

Kunming Investment Promotion No 1 Bureau:0871-68155252

Kunming Investment Promotion No 2 Bureau: 0871-68355120

Kunming Investment Promotion No 3 Bureau: 0871-68155141

Kunming Tax Business Hall: 0871-68155235

Kunming Economic Development Bureau: 0871-68155272

Kunming Social Security Bureau: 0871-68155361

Kunming Public Security Branch Bureau: 0871-68338110

Kunming Human Resources Market: 0871-68155366

Kunming Land Reserve Center: 0871-68155043