Six multi-million yuan projects lay foundations in Kunming Hi-Tech Zone

Updated: 2015-06-15 17:16
By Shi Zihan

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A commencement ceremony for the construction of six major projects in the Kunming Hi-Tech Zone, whose total investments exceeded 3.17 billion yuan ($510 million), was held on June 13.

With $200 million, Coca Cola (Yunnan) Company’s new plant is the biggest project among the six. The beverage manufacturer, retailer and marketer plans to make the new plant the biggest “environmentally friendly” beverage factory in China.

A nine-billion-yuan technology transfer center started construction in the Majinpu New Town Industrial Base within the Kunming Hi-Tech Zone. Upon its completion, it will distribute scientific and technological innovations among local governments and research institutions for a wider use and further development.

Kunming Dehe Food Company, one of the largest food processing companies in Yunnan province, invested more than 620 million yuan in the Kunming Hi-Tech Zone to build a factory that accommodates 23 production lines for meat, fruits and vegetables, wild mushrooms and edible oil.

A 3D printing technology center with 200 million-yuan investment is also under construction. The center plans to employ 3D printing technology in multiple industries, such as producing artworks that manifest the characteristics of ethnic groups in Yunnan and manufacturing components and parts for spacecraft, vehicles and medical implants.

The other two new projects are a factory to produce gallium arsenide crystal wafers, an energy-efficient semiconductor material, and a park that covers an area of 152,000 square meters.

Six multi-million yuan projects lay foundations in Kunming Hi-Tech Zone

Heads of the six major investors and the Kunming Hi-Tech Zone attend the commencement ceremony in the Zone in Kunming, Yunnan province on June 13. [Photo/]

Edited by Mevlut Katik