Donation by Kanto Pharmaceutical Co reaches quake-hit area

Updated: 2014-09-05 10:30
By Shi Zihan

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The charitable association in the Kunming Hi-Tech Zone received 100 cases of Conitic Injections from Kanto Pharmaceutical Co in mid-August. The donated medicine, worth 13 million yuan ($2.1 million) was aimed at helping the injured and patients in the earthquake-hit region of Ludian.

To ensure that the medicine would arrive in Ludian without a hitch, the food and drug administration in the zone carefully examined the transportation processes. Following this, the charitable association in the zone and Kanto Pharmaceutical Co assigned several staff members to transport the donated medicine to Ludian.

The medicine arrived in the quake-hit area at 11 o’clock in the evening on Aug 25. On 26, the donation was handed over to Zhaotong’s public health bureau.

By Shi Zihan and edited by Brian Salter