Director's Speech

Updated: 2014-07-18 16:45
By Shi Zihan

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Twenty two years ago, some ambitious men who wished to develop high-tech industries, guided by the idea of "the development and industrialization of high-tech" and supported by a loan of 200,000 yuan ($32,000), started their entrepreneurial journey in Kunming, Yunnan province. The past 22 years have seen great growth in the Kunming National Hi-Tech Industries Development Zone. Today, it has developed into a hi-tech industries development demonstration site and an important base for innovative enterprises in Yunnan province.

With globalization, China's economy has deeply integrated itself into the rest of the world. Consequently, the traditional economic development model that relies on sole enterprise or sole industry can no longer keep pace with the development of our time. Instead, integrated the industry park has emerged as a modern economic model. In an industrial park, numerous enterprises share the infrastructure, public resources and services, which greatly reduce start-up and operating costs, thereby increasing profit margins.

Kunming Hi-Tech Zone, one of the first national hi-tech zones designated by the State Council, should well utilize local resources and find a unique development based on the characteristics of the zone. Specifically, the zone should focus on biological medicine, new materials, and equipment manufacturing industries, while nurturing strategic emerging industries such as the electronic information industry.

Kunming Hi-Tech Zone will consolidate its developing fundamentals while keeping up innovation. At the same time the zone is committed to providing efficient services of high quality to enterprises and to creating a friendly investment environment in order to attract more capital.

Kunming Hi-Tech Zone welcomes enterprises from all over the world.


Wang Minzheng

Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee and Secretary of Kunming and director of the Administrative Committee for Kunming High-Tech Zone

July 15, 2014