Bureau of Agriculture, Forest and Water Affairs (Ma Jinpu Subdistrict Office)

Updated: 2014-05-19 11:07

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1. Promoting law-based administration, resident agency, administrative affairs and management services.

2. Develop local economy and social undertakings for local people.

3. Improvement of city appearance and environment, epidemic prevention, flood and earthquake control, rescue and relief work and landscaping.

4. Education, sports, population control and family planning, social security and assistance and employment services, supporting the army and army families, protecting the legal interests of seniors, women and children.

5. Management of public security, work safety, fire protection and traffic safety.

6. Grass-roots militia and reserve forces.

7. Managing the district’s budget, revenue and expenditures.

8. Agriculture, farmers and rural area, developing farming products.

9. Handling letters and visits.

10. Other work assigned by the Party Working Committee and the Administrative Committee of the high-tech zone in Kunming.