Yunnan Water Industry Investment and Development Co

Updated: 2014-05-18 13:46

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Yunnan Water Industry Investment and Development Co

The Yunnan Water Industry Investment and Development Co is a large State-owned investment company, with Yunnan provincial government backing that is involved in urban water infrastructure, investment and operations, and a sponsor and agent for water projects in the province, with special responsibility for sewage treatment facilities, operation, and management.

The company has certain advantages in helping Yunnan reach its strategic goals for a greener economy, ethnic culture development, and being a national gateway for China's southwest, based on its own conditions and in line with national and regional water policies. It covers the entire process, from water source protection to usage of recycled water, from project construction to operation, under a "big water industry" approach. This allows it to function actively as a market channel.

• It is based on advanced technology, giving it a leading edge and can handle many complex water pollution problems, which also helps it develop.

• It has outstanding technology for sewage treatment and resource recycling, for example, 3AMBR technology which brings above-standard effluent quality for cities.

• The advantages of its high quality water technology, its CMF technology, brings an effluent quality above People's Republic of China drinking water standards (GB5749-2006).