Yunnan Fengyuan Water Co

Updated: 2014-05-18 13:55

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Yunnan Fengyuan Water Co

The Yunnan Fengyuan Water Co works mainly still water and tap water purification and development, water resource use, and environmental protection, and is responsible for a water diversion project in the Zhangjiu River, which is a strategic Kunming project for dealing with water shortages that is intended to benefit Kunming residents.

Kunming's Water Plant No 7 is responsible for the water purification in the river's Water Diversion Project and is Yunnan's largest water plant, with a daily water supply capacity of 600,000 tons. It was the first plant in China to apply the world's most advanced technology - hydraulic filter technology from Switzerland's Sulzer Co - to ensure better quality water, and to save time and costs. A test by China's water quality monitoring authorities showed the processed water quality to be above Class-A living and drinking water standards.