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Updated: 2014-05-17 13:32

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There are 34 roads in the built-up area of the Kunming National Hi-Tech Industries Development Zone, about 33-kilometer long, while the new city base has contructed 33 roads, extending 44.4 km, at a cost of 3.12 billion yuan ($499 million). The roads in the new city base run in all directions, forming a convenient and effective transportation network.

Piping Construction

1. Power

The area has the 110-KV Majinpu Transformer Substation with 10-KV power cable outlets and 21 10-KV lines that are 29.66-km long. The substation cost 43 million yuan ($6.88 million) and began operation in November 2008, providing power for the Kunming Hi-Tech Industrial Base.

2. Gas

The area has 23 gas pipelines which cost 24.6 million yuan and are 30 km in length, along Beixin Rd and North Park Rd and elsewhere.

3. Water

The area has 21 water pipes, running 29.66 km, with a 3.8-km pipe for the Majinpu Water Purification Plant, costing 134 million yuan and going into operation on Dec 30, 2008, with a capacity of 40,000 tons/day. It began supplying water to the Kunming New City Hi-Tech Industrial Base from May 1, 2009.

Greening, sewage treatment, and other facilities

The zone owns the 40,66-sq-m Majinpu Sewage Treatment Plant, with a capacity of 30,000 cubic meters daily and costing around 201 million yuan. Its Yupu, Qingxi and Yinxing parks cover 570,000 sq m. There is also a liquefied natural gas station and two waste transfer stations. The High-Tech Bamboo Park and Times Square cover 37,500 sq m. The area’s green area is 194 hectares, with 38.94 hectares for public use, and the green area per person is 19.8 sq m.

Public housing

A public housing project will provide 43,140 sq m of housing and is expected to be ready in August 2014.


The development zone has 25 bus routes, convenient for public use.


There is lighting facilities in 9 public areas, including Times Square, and 10 landscaped companies.


The area has no central heating facilities but enterprises can install on their own.