Examination and approval of foreign-invested enterprises

Updated: 2014-05-17 10:42

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Coming to an agreement with the investment promotion bureau --> Handing in documents for preliminary review --> Approval of the project --> Preliminary approval of the company name at the administration of industry and commerce -->Examination and approval by the administrative committee of the Kunming Hi-Tech Development Zone --> Signing and issuing official document for the approval of the company’s establishment--> Going through the related procedures in such administration as that of industry and commerce.

Materials required:

Project examination stage

• Application form (signed and sealed)

• Identification or incorporation certificate and credit certificate (the incorporation or identification certificate of foreign investors should be certified by the notary institutes of the countries they come from or by China’s embassies or consulates in those countries)

• Project scientific research report

• Lease contract and certificate of property title

Project approval stage

• Contract and articles of incorporation (signed and sealed)

• Director-appointed paper (signed and sealed)

• List of members of the board of directors (signed)

• List of imported equipment

• Other materials required