Strategic orientations

Accelerate construction of the comprehensive traffic system, energy pipeline network, logistics channels and telecommunications facilities, and construct a grand channel on the land that joins up with Southeast Asia, South Asia, and China’s southwest, central and eastern regions.

Strengthen infrastructure construction

Intensify investment, strengthen water source project construction, and strive to settle engineering-related water shortage problem.

Construct export-oriented industrial bases

Fully utilize and explore the province’s natural, historic and cultural resources, promote integration of culture and tourism on the basis of enriching tourism with culture.

Basic principles

Set out to build the province into an important gateway for opening Southwest China to the outside world. Accelerate economic growth and excel in comprehensive economic and social development.

Take feasible measures to improve people's livelihood

Promote migration of rural labor, boost labor economy, and encourage the surplus of laborers in border areas to migrate to nearby places for employment.

Development objectives

Yunnan will establish the processing base for industrial transfers from eastern and central regions by 2015.

Strengthen economic and trade exchange and cooperation

Implement the foreign policy with priority to relations with neighboring countries. Further develop friendly relations with neighboring countries for mutual benefits and development.

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