Yunnan Metallurgy Group strives for leading role

Yunnan Metallurgy Group primarily put forward the idea of “grasping opportunities, speeding up adjustment, implementing decisions, promoting innovations, and setting up benchmarks.”

China’s largest chemical fertilizer producer sharpens competitiveness

Yuntianhua Group, a leading enterprise that is implementing the plan of the CPC provincial committee and provincial government to construct gateways for the province, has been operating on plan and according to schedule.

Yunnan Sunshine Infrastructure cultivates Chinese brand in the world

To date, the company has exceeded Company B of Germany and DANDATA from Nigeria in project investment and construction progress.

Yunnan Industrial Investment Group to participate in Gateway Building

Gong Lidong, director of Yunnan Industrial Investment Holding Group says that Industry Investment Group will seize the opportunities to make active progresses and set up pilot initiatives through scientifically planning and careful organization.

Yunnan State Farms Group to restructure and optimize overall distribution

With a total plantation area of 491,500 hectares in Yunnan province at present, rubber planting has become one of the economic pillar industries in the frontier tropical zone.

Yunnan Construction Engineering Group to scale a new high

Yunnan Construction Engineering Group established a business philosophy in recent years to “put profit first” and a complete mechanism on incentive or restraint.

Yunnan Airport Group, a new engine of economic growth in Yunnan

The civil aviation transportation industry, one of the pillars of the national economy, plays an active role in promoting and driving the development of the local economy.

Yunnan Baiyao committed to gateway building

Yunnan Baiyao, known as "holy medicine against traumatology", is China’s time-honored brand with a history of 109 years.

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