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Tianjin Port mainly consists of North Port, South Port, East Port, South Zone of Harbor Economic Area and East Zone of Nangang Port.

Investment Guide


Tianjin Binhai New Area has been included into the strategic layout of national development. Playing an integral part, Tianjin Port stands as the most important facility for the city.The development and opening of Tianjin Binhai New Area has created an opportunity to accelerate its development into a world-class status.

Investment Guide



Located at the west coast of Pacific Ocean, west of Bohai bay and Haihe estuary, Tianjin port is on the intersection of Beijing and Tianjin metropolis and economic circle of Bohai rim zone.


Tianjin Port locates at the cross point of Beijing-Tianjin city band and Bohai Rim economic circle. It is the sea gate of Beijing, the important international trade port in northern China and the link to connect Northeast Asia and Central and West Asia.

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