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Announcement for the Recruitment of Deputy Directors by the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Administrative Committee, Open to Domestic and Overseas Applicants


Updated: 2019-05-15

Founded in 1991, the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone is located in Binhai New Area in Tianjin, a coastal city in northern China. It covers an area of 287.4 square kilometers with 70 kilometers of shoreline. Adjacent to the local airport and sea port, it is under special customs supervision and offers enormous opportunities for innovation and international exchanges. With the rollout of local and national strategies in recent years, including the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei mega-region project, we at the FTZ have introduced a host of high-standard projects and high-value-added industries. Now seven industry clusters have taken shape around civil aviation, high-end equipment and intelligent manufacturing, marine economy, artificial intelligence and information technology, contributing to regional economic growth and competitive edge. As part of our efforts to introduce modern management models for business expansion, we are now looking for candidates from all over the world to fill five vacant positions of Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee.

1. Position

The five successful candidates will be responsible for investment attraction, development planning, business operation, financial and organizational affairs, and improvement of business environment, respectively.

2. Scope of Selection and Qualifications

(1) a bachelor’s degree or higher;

(2) at least 10 years of experience in economic management / planning /fiscal and financial management;

(3) at least three years of experience as a middle level manager in State-owned enterprises or public institutions.

Candidates are also expected to

(1) be familiar with the operation of development zones;

(2) have work experience and qualifications relevant to the post;

(3) have strong leadership qualities and innovation capacity;

(4) be able to address complex problems. Cut-o� date for eligibility criteria is May 2019, how- ever exceptions may be made for those who are deemed to be especially qualified for the post. For more specific requirements, please visit http://tjftz.ciicjob.com.

3. Term of Office and Remuneration

Successful candidates will be appointed on three-year non-civil service contract terms. The remuneration for the above position comprises an annual base salary starting at RMB 500,000, performance-based bonuses, and project-based bonuses for investment attraction.

4. Selection Procedures

Register and submit job application

Evaluation of the application

Assessment exercise

Background checks

Selection notification

Physical examination Hiring

5. Application Procedures

Applicants can register and apply through the website: http://tjftz.ciicjob.com from May 15, 2019 until 17:30 May 31, 2019. They can apply for only one post under this recruitment process, and need to submit electronic copies of

(1) personal ID card photo

(2) personal ID card or passport

(3)a report of work experience in the last three years

(4) certificates of academic degrees. Candidates who have acquired education outside of China must submit a copy of the certification issued by the Overseas Study Service Center of the Ministry of Education of the PRC.

(5) credentials, including honors and awards For further information, please reach out to Mr. Liu / Ms. Yu on 86 22-8490 6311 / 86 22-8490 6259.

6. Relevant Clarifications

(1) Applicants should be responsible for the authenticity and integrity of application materials, and the Administrative Committee reserves the right to disqualify any applicant suspected of fraud.

(2) Applicants should provide an accurate email address in their application, because invitations or notifications will be sent by email.

(3)The Administrative Committee will take all reasonable efforts to ensure the confidentiality of the personal and/or employment information of applicants.

Announcement for the Recruitment of Deputy Directors by the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Administrative Committee, Open to Domestic and Overseas Applicants


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