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Gaoshaling Port a new driver of Tianjin's marine transport


Updated: 2017-12-14

In order to ensure maritime safety, keep maritime traffic order and improve operation of Gaoshaling Port in Tianjin, Navigation Rules for Ships in Channels and Nearby Waters of Gaoshaling Port, Tianjin (Pilot) was issued by the Tianjin Maritime Safety Administration on Dec 7.

The rules were developed by a group of experts from navigation, pilotage, channel design and some other relevant areas.

The rules include conduct on waters of the port and channels, limiting conditions for navigation like hydro-meteorological data, navigational speed and underkeel clearance, submission of navigation plans, and communication.

To better implement the rules, the administration held a special workshop in its command center. In addition, it carried out navigation security evaluation, installation of navigational marks, wire drag surveys, and issuing of navigational warnings, notices and orders, laying a strong foundation for port operations.

As one of Tianjin's port planning eight port zones, Gaoshaling, covering an area of 51 square kilometers, according to plans will be equipped with a 100,000-ton channel.

The port will feature the port logistics industry as its core, supported by high-end equipment manufacturing and the new health technology industry when fully constructed.

The operation of the port and the issue of related rules will improve Tianjin Port's role as a driver of coordinated development of the Beijing- Tianjin-Hebei region, the Belt and Road Initiative, construction of Xiongan New Area and some other national initiatives.

In the future, Gaoshaling Port will use its resources to transform from a transport to an economic hub and support Tianjin Port's bid to become a North China international port, contributing to the development of Tianjin and nearby regions.

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