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Motor train parts leaves Tianjin Port to Egypt

By Liu Yiyi (chinadaily.com.cn)

Updated: 2015-04-30

The first high speed train parts and accessories produced by the China CNR Corporation were loaded at the Tianjin Port Huisheng Terminal and were ready to be shipped to Egypt on April 13.

A total of 212 pieces of parts and accessories were exported to Egypt. The parts and accessories compose a brand new motor train personalized for Egypt with five carriages. Each carriage weights 22 tons with a length of 21 meters.

Carried by "Sheng La Fei" from Bright Sail Transportation Services Company, the cargo is shipping to Alexandria in Egypt. In order to complete this operation, the terminal company carefully arranged all the detail including trailer entrance, driving route, loading technique and personnel deployment. Using the reasonable operation plan, all the cargoes are loaded without any damage.

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