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Fifth Tianjin Harbour Tourism Festival

By Bo Cheng (chinadaily.com.cn)

Updated: 2014-06-05

The opening ceremony of the fifth Tianjin Harbour Tourism Culture Festival was held in the Tianjin Dongjiang Bay scenic coastal area on June 1, the Children’s Day.

The Festival is being sponsored by the publicity department of the CPC Tianjin municipal committee, Tianjin tourism administration, Tianjin Binhai New Area people's government and Tianjin Port Group.

As a key support project for the Tianjin municipal government to revive its cultural industry, the Tianjin Port Harbor Tourism Culture Festival has been held for four sessions, developing the Beijing-Tianjin culture leisure tourism base and promoting the cultural tourism industry of Tianjin Binhai New Area.

Fifth Tianjin Harbour Tourism Festival

A little girl join the ceremony on June 1 at Tianjin Port. Photo provided to China Daily

Tianjin Port Culture and Media Co, a subsidiary of Tianjin Port Group, organized the opening ceremony and hosted the Binhai children’s carnival, which was the specific activity of the Festival that day.

There are three activities of the carnival, including a “magic baby parenting show”, fly your dreams”– a Tianjin Dongjiang Bay fly kite activity and the establishment ceremony of Tianjin Port’s employee family club.

The “Magic Baby Parenting Show” attracted hundreds of children between the ages of 3 to 12 together their parents from Binhai New Area and other regions of Tianjin. The 15 finalists of the event displayed their talent for dancing, singing, instrumental music, drama, performances, painting and calligraphy, and magic. Finally, eight prizes, including the top three prizes, were awarded to participants. The event sought to set up a platform for mothers and babies, enriching the lives of children in Binhai and other areas of Tianjin. The kids enjoyed a memorable Children’s Day at the event.

Fifth Tianjin Harbour Tourism Festival

Magic baby parenting show at Tianjin Port on June 1. Photo provided to China Daily

About 100 families took part in the fly kite activity, and cultural programs such as song and dance, comedic dialogues, choruses, magic shows and games were on display for audiences on the Dongjiang Beach stage.

The Tianjin Port Family Club was also established on that day. It was organized by Tianjin Port Cultural Media Co and several early education agencies together with children training institutions in Binhai. The club will provide a series of cultural activities to enhance communication among children below 12 and their families in Binhai.

Ou Yonglin, general manager of Tianjin Port Cultural Media Co, explained that in the next six months the tourism festival will hold more activities with Tianjin Port as its main theme, including a photography contest, square dance contest, babies dressed in football kit, beach music festival and tours for Tianjin Port writers.

Edited by Huang Tiantian and Brian Salter


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