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Tianjin Port 2.8m-yuan oceanic research project approved


Updated: 2014-02-25

The Tianjin Oceanic Administration recently approved the research on water level maintenance technology and management carried out by the Facilities Center of Tianjin Port as one of the 2013 Annual"Oceanic Science and Technology" Projects of Tianjin, according to Tianjin Port Co Ltd.

The research project is expected to be completed by 2015, at a cost of about 2.8 million yuan ($460,000), and it concerns issues relating to water level management in Tianjin Port, China's Tianjin municipality.

It also aims to ensure safe navigation conditions for the 30,000 DWT ship channel in the port area, focusing on the aquatic environment of the channel, new technologies for water level maintenance – and it also brings economic and social benefits to the public.

Two new technologies for dredging boats detailed in the project will be the world's first such technologies to be used. The project will also help Tianjin Port save about 20 million yuan on its annual dredging budget and reduce secondary pollution and back-silting.

The hydrological conditions and the design of Tianjin Port have changed in the last decade due to the port's rapid development, and the project of the 30,000-DWT ship channel was put into use at the end of 2013.

Edited by Chen Zhilin and Niva Whyman

Tianjin Port contributes two national model workers


Cheng Weidong, deputy director of a trailer service team in Tianjin Port; and Zhang Ruiyuan, director of the third team of Tianjin Port Coal Wharf were selected as "national model workers".

Motor train parts leaves Tianjin Port to Egypt


The first high speed train parts and accessories produced by the China CNR Corporation were loaded at the Tianjin Port Huisheng Terminal and were ready to be shipped to Egypt on April 13.

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