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Fifth anniversary of Tianjin East Port Free Trade Zone

Updated: 2013-04-15

 Fifth anniversary of Tianjin East Port Free Trade Zone

Tianjin East Port is an international port city. As China's largest and most open bonded port with the most preferential policies, Tianjin East Port is a creative part of the national development strategy. It is a realization of a national marine economy dream and sets a solid foundation for Tianjin Binhai New Area's future growth.

Dec 11, 2012, marked the fifth anniversary of Tianjin East Port's opening. Five years ago, the port officially opened its first phase program covering 4 square kilometers. It now operates a 10-square-kilometer port. As a significant development and opening-up area in Tianjin Binhai New Area, the port functions as a core area to construct the North China International Shipping Center. It is a starting point for a Chinese free trade port area.

Since its opening, Tianjin East Port has accelerated its construction and completed its first phase projects, the "Three Campaigns" projects, the International Cruise Home Port, and comprehensive supporting services and infrastructures. Meanwhile, the port has attracted many investments. More than 1,000 domestic and foreign enterprises have settled in the port, producing a cluster effect in industries including shipping, logistics, leasing and trade settlement. The port has a strong advantage in wine, auto and cold-chain industries. A group of high-end programs were also established in the port, such as the COSCO Bulk Carrier, China National Coal Group Corporation, and Datang Financial Leasing.

With five years of hard work, Tianjin East Port has successfully achieved its goal -- the establishment of a new port city. Now is the best time to move forward. Carrying the mission to build a free trade port area with Chinese characteristics, Tianjin East Port will make more innovations and embark on the path to build the North China International Shipping Center.

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