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Updated: 2012-02-29

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Corporate Culture Handbook

Civilization Behavior Manual for Tianjin Port Staff

Civilized Manners Manual for Senior Managers of Tianjin Port

The Pursuit of Runners

Advantages-Dialogue with Yu Rumin

Go Forward Deep Blue-Developing Model of Tianjin Por

Logo of Tianjin Port

The logo of Tianjin port is circular with a ship sailing on waves in the center. The foreground image of the logo is white, and it is set against a background of sea blue. The white inner ring around the ship is convex, creating a three-dimensional effect. The words “Tianjin Port” are written white letters in English on the upper part of the black outer ring and in Chinese underneath.

The logo is based on the shape of the area in which the port is located. The body of the ship represents the Nanjiang port area, the sail stands for the Beijiang port area and the other planned port area. The area circled by water streaks implies that the Tianjin port areas are concentrated. The blue bottom symbolizes the deep sea, and the white water streaks resemble sprays of the ocean waves. The blue and white colors signify oceans all over the world. The ring stands for the earth. The main pattern inside means Tianjin port is connected by all the places in the world. The darkened bottom in the ring indicates Tianjin port is an internationalized modern deepwater port with a long history.

The logo implies that the Port of Tianjin sails against the winds of adversity to achieve greater prosperity.


Chinese port launches first blockchain customs system


The Tianjin Port blockchain pilot project, an initiative using blockchain technology in cross-border trade, was launched April 17 in Tianjin.

This Day, That Year: June 24


In 1980, the Port of Kobe established friendly ties with the Port of Tianjin.

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