Contemporary Cultural Figures of Mount Taishan


At the foot of Mount Tai, this rich land which fosters many talents, there lives a large number of outstanding people who are deeply influenced by the culture of Mount Tai. They dig, sort, heritage from different aspects of culture of Mount Tai and have made immortal contributions to the prosperity of this culture. Through them, we can have a more in-depth understanding of culture of Mount Tai. In this article, we're going to introduce seven of them.

1. Zhou Ying--Scholar of Taishan Culture

2. Liu Hui--Analyzing Ancient Chinese Culture from Taishan Heritage

3. Jiang Fengrong--Taishan stone inscription expert

4. Chen Yong--Taishan Culture Expert on Photography

5. Fan Zheng'an--Sixth-generation descendant of Taishan Shadow Play

6. Lu Xue--Paper-cut Artist at the foot of Taishan Mountain

7. Zhao Xueyin--Specialist of Chinese Traditional Medicine on Liver Disease


Zhou Ying--Scholar of Taishan Culture

Zhou Ying, scholar of Taishan culture, is now vice research librarian of the Research Center of Taishan in Taishan University, top-notch professional and technical personnel of Tai'an City. He began to engage in the learning and study of Taishan culture when he was 14 years old. After 20 years of effort, he revealed successfully of the evolution tracks of Taishan, from a natural mountain, to the political mountain, religious mountain, cultural mountain, to the spiritual mountain, and he gave a scientific proof to the "National Mountain" status of Taishan in history. He believes that the status of "National Mountain" began in the pre-Qin, Qin and Han dynasties, formed in the Northern and Southern Dynasties, established in the Tang and Song dynasties, extending from the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Zhou's research studied the history, literature, literature, folklore, heritage and other areas of Taishan, exploring new areas and new information and puting forward new ideas, which caused widespread concerning in the literature and history circles. Japan's Master on Chinese, Sawada Mizuho, also give high remark to his book: "Zhou Ying's essays on culture and history collects a large number of literature and this deserves our respect and admiration".

Zhou has completed Taishan History-Chronology, Taishan 5,000 years chronicle of events, Taishan Comprehensive Mirror (the pre-Qin - Qing) and other books, which gave a systematic account of ancient history of Taishan. He also published Famous Minister Xiao Daheng of Ming Dynasty, History of the surname Yang and other works.

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