Reform of circuit courts on sound track

( Updated : 2015-09-22

Supreme People’s Court President Zhou Qiang recently hosted a meeting to receive reports on the No 1 and No 2 circuit courts of SPC, during which he called for steady progress in reform of the circuit court system to better facilitate and meet litigants’ needs.

Zhou said the launch of No 1 and No 2 circuit courts earlier this year was an important step in China’s reform of its judicial system. Since the launch, the two circuit courts have been working actively, building up judicial authority and credibility by hearing each case in a fair and strict manner.

For example, the No 1 Circuit Court has been actively developing interactive audio communication with attorneys to provide more convenience in fulfilling their duties. It has also sought to provide a way to involve attorneys in solving disputes related to petitions.

The No 2 Circuit Court has been emphasizing the protection of litigants' rights, and has established sub-circuit courts to cover a larger area. So far, the court has undertaken over 100 trial cases, solving a large number of disputes.

Zhou said that significant progress had been achieved in the reform, in terms of implementation of trial rights, categorization of judicial professionals and administrative management. Through the smooth operation of the two courts a large amount of useful experience has been accumulated, paving the way for national judicial reform.

The high efficiency of the two courts further demonstrates that it was right for the CPC Central Committee to decide on the launch of the circuit court system.

Circuit courts should continue to play their pioneering role in judicial reform, and advocate the spirit of reform and innovation, thus regularly solving problems as they emerge In referencing the useful experience gained, Zhou called on the two courts to continue to work towards the launching of a comprehensive and scientific judicial rights system, so as to improve case-handling and trial quality and achieve a new court management and operational model.

At the meeting, the heads of the two circuit courts also delivered reports on the working situation of the two courts since their launch. The head of the Political Department reported on the courts’ human resource work and judicial reform.