Micro-Film Festival kicks off in Shanxi

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2013-09-23

Drawing on the popularity of micro-films in China, the Pingyao Micro-Film Festival was launched on Sept 19 in Pingyao ancient city, Shanxi province.

With “Pursue a dream” as its theme, the festival aims to promote communication between micro-film experts and provide an open platform for contemporary young directors and filmmakers to explore possibilities of micro-film evolution in China through their love and passion.

Du Haibin, an internationally renowned documentary filmmaker, spoke at the opening ceremony, noting that with the prevalence of online videos and the spread of screening techniques, more and more young directors have the ability to make micro-films, thus realizing their “micro dreams.”

The festival is expected to become a symbol of new culture to advance grassroots media development.

Edited by Lin Hong and Michael Thai