International Automobile Culture Festival to be held in Shanxi

By Zhang Jingshu ( )

Updated: 2012-07-03

Local residents will enjoy a show of luxury cars during the International Automobile Culture Festival on August 23-26 in Datong, an ancient city in Shanxi province.

The festival is sponsored by the local government and China National Automotive Industry International Corp (CNAICO), a State-owned enterprise in China. Top luxury cars, including Bentley, Spyker, Wiesmann, Bufori, Aston Martin, KRYSTAL, Harley Davidson, and Ferrari are expected to be on show.

The highlight is the unique stage by the ancient wall. With the combination of Chinese ancient culture and modern auto, the festival is going to be a glaring auto banquet.

A model contest will also be held during this festival. Moreover, a auto and motorcycle stunt: pulling cars with teeth, ears, nose and eyes, will be performed. The festival is a step to improve the local cultural industry and enhance the ancient city's soft power, gradually forging a city of exhibition.