JAMG strives to be recognized as world's top 500

Updated: 2012-06-21

Jinchen Anthracite Mining Group (JAMG) was built in 1958 and established itself as the largest coal chemical enterprise. It is an important production base of quality anthracite.

In 2011, JAMG attained all of its targets and enhanced its main business of coal after achieving a new record in economic scale and benefit. It has expanded in coal chemical, coal bed methane, coal machine manufacturing, electric power and other new non-coal industries as well.

Through innovation it produced over 50 million tons of coal, which accounts for about 9% of the national anthracite market. Hundreds of coal mines were integrated and now they can produce more than 32 million tons a year. Large modern mines are being built and investments have exceeded 1 billion yuan ($157m USD).

In coal chemical, JAMG has taken full advantage of the native qualities anthracite, the best raw material of chemical-made gas. In 2011, JAMG’s ammonia and urea production grew a significant amount compared to the year before, making it the largest national production enterprise for coal chemicals.

In terms of coal bed methane,JAMG has made great efforts and has set up the most advanced research and development (R&D) center in China. Its own “extracting coal bed gas by up-hole and down-hole combination” quadruples extraction efficiency. JAMG also reduced gas accidents and gas overrunning has decreased by 85% since last year. Its extraction and utilization of coal bed methane accounts for 20% and 30%, respectively, of the national total.

As to coal machine manufacturing, JAMG has carried out some state-level R&D projects. This includes three complete sets of equipment, a single hydraulic prop, a heavy medium cyclone and a mobile mine rescue capsule. These new products have attracted the public’s attention. Now JAMG possesses 109 patent technologies. In 2011, its total business exceeded 2.6 billion yuan ($408.2 USD).

In terms of electric power, JAMG generated 1.8 billion kilowatt-hours, making it the largest gas powered generation group recognized for “power generation with coal”.

JAMG has also developed itself in new industries. After years of development, it owns industries including mineral building, civil engineering, logistics, bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing and real estate. Now, modern logistics trade and high power LED projects are being promoted. In 2011, JAMG kept 22 previous projects and began 45 new ones, investing over 16 billion yuan, while their modern logistics trade earned more than 10 billion.

In the coming new year, JAMG hopes to reach its target – building another two JAMGs and entering the world’s top 500. It will work harder in various industries for a modern new-energy group of core competitiveness.