Infrastructure and transportation

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Updated: 2007-05-16

The roads that have been opened to traffic in Shanxi Province have reached 66,000 kilometers, among which the highways totally reach 1,686 kilometers.

The length of railways has reached 2,512 kilometers and heavy duty and two-way electrization hold a leading position in China's fellow industries. Once the passenger line of Shi-Tai Highway is accomplished, it will only take three hours to get to Beijing from Taiyuan by train.

There are more than 40 air routes from the Taiyuan Airport, which is a first-rate port. Changzhi Airport, Yuancheng Airport and Datong Airport have all been put into operation. TelecommunicationShanxi is accessible by postal communication throughout the world.

The international direct dialing can reach 260 countries and regions and the network of fi xed and mobile communication spread all over the urban and rural areas, the telephone penetration is up to 85%, and Internet & Broadband access penetration reaches 65%.FinanceShanxi has 21 financial organs, including Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China etc. Most of these financial institutions provide international settlement service, international finance service and cross-border banking services.