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  • Traditional opera charms younger generation


    The Shandong Lv Opera Theater staged a wonderful performance at the Qingfeng Mountain Experimental School in Tai'an, Shandong province on May 7, winning applause from the students and faculty.

  • Liuqin Opera performer calls for cultivation of more talents


    A Liuqin Opera performance entitled The Round Moon, which focuses on rural environmental protection, was staged at the Liuqin Opera Heritage and Protection Center in Linyi, East China's Shandong province on April 18.

  • Sisters of Yinan


    The National Ballet of China premiered its production of Ode to the Yimeng Mountains in Beijing in May 1973, as a tribute to the residents of Yinan county in East China's Shandong province who supported Communist troops during the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression (1931-45) and the following civil war (1945-49).

  • Opera Yimeng Mountain performed in Beijing


    The national opera Yimeng Mountain was staged at the Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center on March 14.

  • In pics: traditional opera tunes up in Qingzhou


    Qingzhou has launched a cultural campaign to celebrate the new year, offering a feast of traditional opera and intangible cultural heritage performances to local residents.

  • Peking Opera enchants overseas students in Jinan


    A group of overseas students from Shandong University recently visited the Jinan Peking Opera Theatre in Jinan, the capital city of East China's Shandong province to experience Chinese traditional Peking Opera culture.

  • National opera Yimeng Mountain to debut in Jinan


    The main creators of the national opera Yimeng Mountain gave Jinan residents of what to expect during a rehearsal on Dec 16.

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