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Explore Chinese opera at Jinan Operas and Arts Museum

( Updated: 2020-04-30

Explore Chinese opera at Jinan Operas and Arts Museum
Jinan Operas and Arts Museum [Photo/WeChat Account: jnslyj]

The Jinan Operas and Arts Museum in Jinan's Shizhong district has become a popular spot among fans of traditional Chinese opera.

The museum, divided into three exhibition halls, engages in the exhibition, preservation, and research of traditional Chinese operas.

It explores the history of different operas through the exhibition of photos, videos, miniatures, and sculptures.

The museum is the former site of Shandong Red Cross. Its architecture is a unique combination of Chinese and Western styles.

The museum also explores the historical evolution of Jinan's Quyi culture.

Quyi is a traditional Chinese art form spanning a variety of categories, including ballad singing, storytelling, comedy sketches, and Chinese crosstalk.

As one of the country's major historical and cultural cities, Jinan is home to various traditional northern Chinese operas and is considered the birthplace of Chinese crosstalk. The Shandong drum, allegro and story-telling operas also originated and are popular in the city.

The Jinan Operas and Arts Museum is open to the public for free.

Opening Time:9:00-17:00 every Tuesday to Sunday (no admission after 16:30, closed every Monday)

Location: No 26 Minkang Street, north of Wanda Plaza, Shizhong district, Jinan.

Tel: 0531-82959261