Shandong Culture

Shandong provincial department of culture and tourism


Duties related to cultural system, cultural undertakings and cultural industries:

1) Implement relevant laws, policies and guidelines; draft regional rules and regulations on cultural activities and cultural relic protection; work out and put into effect provincial policies to flourish cultural undertakings; and carry forward provincial reform of the cultural structure systematically;

2) Manage the literature industry and guide artistic creation and production; promote the development of all categories of art; and supervise major cultural activities of the province;

3) Enhance cultural services and products provided to the public; and direct the construction of both major and basic cultural facilities;

4) Work out and put into effect provincial guidelines on the development of cultural industries; and guide and coordinate the development of all cultural industries including animation and cyber-game industries;

5) Guide and manage all the societal cultural undertakings including public libraries, galleries, cultural centers and basic cultural constructions;

6) Take the initiative in advocating fine traditional Chinese culture; make joint efforts with relevant departments to preserve and innovate Shandong culture; and take effective measures to protect intangible cultural heritages and promote fine folk culture;

7) Work out and put into effect development plans for cultural markets; direct the enforcement of laws in cultural markets; supervise and regulate the operation of cultural industries; organize and guide the commercial activities of cultural enterprises, performance organizations and entertainment industries; supervise the cultural activities and commerce conducted through Internet; and undertake day-to-day work of the leading group managing provincial cultural markets;

8) Work out and put into effect development plans for science and technology; and advance the informatization of science and technology;

9) Manage cultural communications with foreign countries; participate in enhancing cultural publicity; promote cultural exchanges with Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan; and organize big open cultural events;

10) Undertake other matters assigned by the provincial Party committee and the provincial government.