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Video: A Bite of Shandong

( Updated: 2020-06-10

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As an important component of Chinese culinary art, Shandong Cuisine, also known as "Lu Cai" in Chinese, boasts a long history and influence.

Shangdong Cuisine is representative of northern China's cooking and its technique has been widely absorbed in northeast China.

Shandong is a large peninsula surrounded by the sea, with the Yellow River meandering through the center. As a result, seafood is a major component of Shandong cuisine. In fact, Shandong's most famous dish is the sweet and sour carp. Locals say that this dish can only be considered authentic if the carp comes from the Yellow River.

Shangdong cuisine is famous for its variety of ingredients and use of different cooking methods.

Click the video to learn about some representative dishes and snacks from Shangdong Cuisine.

Jointly produced by the Information Office of the Shandong Provincial People's Government and the Shandong Radio and TV Station, This is Shandong is a series of short clips focusing on the traditional culture, natural landscapes and economic development of Shandong.