Shandong Culture

Heritage Conservation and Archaeology Division

( Updated: 2020-05-09

The heritage conservation and archaeology division is responsible for archaeological exploration and excavation in Shandong. It manages the province's immovable cultural relics and is responsible for the protection, salvaging, research, and utilization of such relics.

It organizes general surveys of immovable cultural relics and examines, verifies, and manages cultural relics at or above the provincial level, as well as world cultural heritage sites.

It oversees the protection of relics at world cultural and natural heritage sites, historic and cultural cities, districts, towns, and villages, scenic spots and historic sites, and religious facilities.

It also organizes archaeological exploration and excavation projects in Shandong province and its waters.

Lastly, it is in charge of fire control and safety precautions for the province's immovable cultural relics.