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Xi'an Railway Container Center Station

Xi'an Railway Container Center StationThe Xi'an Railway Container Center in the Xi'an International Trade and Logistics Park is set to be developed into a core warehousing and logistics hub.

The New City

The Xinzhu New City is mainly for the relocation of villagers due to a railway construction. It is planned to house 65,000 people from 33 villages. There are schools, hospitals and other infrastructure projects in the community.

Midwest China Commodity Exchange Center

Invested by Maike Metals Group, it is  set to be an e-commerce hub for the transaction of staple commodities such as nonferrous metals, coals and cotton along the Silk Road Economic Belt.

Xi'an Highway Port

Xi'an Highway Port covers a planned area of 14.6 square kilometers and has a total investment of 20 billion yuan. It is one of the three supporting platforms of the Xi'an logistics park, as well as a national large-scale road transport hub.

Northwest Publication Logistics Base

The Northwest Publication Logistics Base, with a total investment worth 1 billion yuan ($148 million) and a floor space of 400,000 square meters, is currently the largest logistics platform for publications in China. It provides a wide range of services such as exhibition, storage, transportation, distribution and retailing for publication products.

Dream Community (Phase I)

The Dream Community aims to provide more affordable houses and improve the infrastructure in the area. It contains apartments (mainly for renting), a kindergarten and garages. Authorities hope that the project will help new workers, university graduates and migrant workers settle down in the city.

Internet of Things Application Industrial Park

Inaugurated in 2013, the Internet of Things Application Industrial Park serves as a platform for the exhibition and sale of the technologies of the Internet of things. The project is expected to boost the development of the Internet of things in Shaanxi.

China South City

Covering 180 million square meters and costing 60 billion yuan ($9 billion), China South City integrates functions of exhibition, logistics, market expansion, brand promotion and industrial tourism. It is designed to help create a distribution hub for industrial raw materials and commodities.

Xi'an Conprehensive Bonded Zone

Covering an area of 6.17 square kilometers, Xi'an Conprehensive Bonded Zonethe is focused on the development of an export-oriented economy featuring export processing, bonded logistics and exhibitions and transactions.

Work together as a family

Work together as a family

Provincial job fair held in Xi'an


Job applicants visit a provincial job fair at Qujiang International Conference and Exhibition Center in Xi'an, Northwest China's Shaanxi province on Feb 23.

Grain-Oil Summit to further promote international cooperation


An international grain and oil summit hosted by Xi'an municipal government and China Vegetable Oil Association was held on Feb 22 and 23 for further cooperation among the countries along the regions of the Belt and Road Initiative.

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