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Tieshan Temple of Xuyi      
Tieshan Temple harmonizes with nature in Xuyi. Tieshan Temple Forest Park of Xuyi belongs to a virgin forest wetland with mountains and springs.

Beautiful landscape of Xuyi      
Xuyi, a small county with mountains and rivers, has a deep culture. In Xuyi, the Huaihe River stretches for thousands of miles and flows into Hongze Lake. Dabie Mountain lies on the Xuyi lands like a Chinese Loong (Dragon).

View spots of Tieshan Temple in Xuyi      
Experience the highland winds Appreciate the floating clouds and pastoral songs that resonate across the grasslands.

Ganquan Mountain      
About 6km from the County seat of Xuyi, Ganquan Mountain is encircled by mountains and stands out due to its beauty.

Ancient Sizhou City      
Located in Huaihe town, Xuyi County, the site of Ancient Sizhou City is 1km to the west of the county seat cross the Huai River.

Duliang Park      
Located in the south of Diyishan Scenic Spot, Duliang park is the main venue of the International Crayfish Festival of China in the past.

Baxiantai Scenic Spot      
Located in the southwest of Mudian township, Xuyi County, Baxiantai Scenic Spot is 17km from the county seat of Xuyi and covers 10.1 square kilometers of area.

Diyishan National Forest Park      
With Cuiping Peak on its left, Fengpo Ridge on its right and Qingfeng Mountain to its north, it faces the Changhuai River and stands out of the mountains.

Tieshansi National Forest Park      
The park is about 45km from the county seat and covers 70.58 square kilometers of area.

Ming Ancestors Mausoleum      
Located in Mingzuling town, Xuyi County and 15km northwest from the county seat, the Ming Ancestors Mausoleum is the tomb of the grandfather of Zhu Yuanzhang, the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty(1368-1644)and the cenotaphs of his great grandfather and great great grandfather.

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