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Xuyi prepares for expanding rural road database      2011-12-22
The rural road fundamental database serves as the basis to construct roads in the rural areas of Jiangsu province.

Xuyi people's court employs supervisors to "find faults"      2011-12-22
Earlier this year, Xuyi people's court invited 14 incorrupt-government supervisors to a seminar to "find faults" in the court based on honesty, trials and performances.

Xuyi increases inspection of Pollution Free Agriculture Products      2011-12-22
In recent years, Xuyi county has innovated mechanisms and taken measures to promote produce area verification and product certification.

Xuyi traffic police sets out to protect the students      2011-11-23
Xuyi traffic police have set out to investigate potential danger existing in school buses to ensure student and teacher safety.

Beautiful landscape of Xuyi      2011-11-21
Xuyi, a small county with mountains and rivers, has a deep culture. In Xuyi, the Huaihe River stretches for thousands of miles and flows into Hongze Lake. Dabie Mountain lies on the Xuyi lands like a Chinese Loong (Dragon).

Zhang Nengping wins National Moral Model Prize      2011-10-26
Zhang Nengping, from Xuyi, has won the National Moral Model Prize for looking after the physically handicapped for forty years.

Tieshan Temple of Xuyi      2011-10-26
Tieshan Temple harmonizes with nature in Xuyi. Tieshan Temple Forest Park of Xuyi belongs to a virgin forest wetland with mountains and springs.

View spots of Tieshan Temple in Xuyi      2011-10-24
Experience the highland winds Appreciate the floating clouds and pastoral songs that resonate across the grasslands.

Xuyi develops specialist education to improve teaching quality      2011-09-16
Mingling primary school in Xuyi county has embraced a new look.Poem education has become a specialist subject of this school in Xuyi.It also focuses on encouraging students to create content for class newspapers.

Xuyi official judges explained legal knowledge on vegetable sales for farmers in greenhouse      2011-09-09
official judges from the People’s Court of Xuyi, Jiangsu province went to Hatan

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