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Crayfish from "the Dragon King's palace" attract guests      
Crayfish from "the Dragon King's palace" has been nicknamed “magical lobster”. Anyone who tastes this kind of lobster will highly praise it.

Xuyi utilizes unique lobster breeding method      
Xuyi has established lobster breeding demonstration areas along Douhu, Hongze Lake, and Mao'er Lake, and five high-efficiency ecological culture parks including Manjianghong, Renhe, Dalianhu.

Match-making session powers Xuyi      
The 11th Xuyi International Crayfish Festival in Shenzhen attracted a capital injection of $235 million.

The International Crayfish Festival of China      
The history of Xuyi International Crayfish Festival is quite deep and sound.

The value of “Xuyi crayfish” brand      
CARD evaluated the value of a brand mainly based on the effect, strength, loyalty and other comprehensive factors of the brand in the current years.

Characters of Xuyi crayfish      
Crayfish feed on fish, worms and tadpoles in a pond and may be hunted by large fish, frogs and birds. In the wilderness, its enemies are everywhere.

11th International Crayfish Festival of China      
The Nanjing kickoff ceremony for “eating Xuyi crayfish safely in 10,000 restaurants in 100 cities” at the 11th International Crayfish Festival of China opened.

Headquarters building of Xuyi Crayfish Industrial Group      
The archway on the construction site of the headquarters of China Xuyi Crayfish Industrial Group is lofty, and numerous people gathered there.

Xuyi's press conference on Crayfish Festival is held in Nanjing      
Under the close attention of major Chinese media outlets, a press conference for the 11th International Crayfish Festival of China was ceremoniously opened.

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