Changshu and Zhangjiagang

Changshu and Zhangjianggang of Suzhou offer visitors ways to celebrate the Spring Festival with local features.

Taicang's annual mutton festival

The small Taicang town of Shuangfeng in Jiangsu province has a deep-rooted culture of enjoying mutton dishes on particularly cold winter days.

Tour ancient towns around Suzhou (Wujiang, Wuzhong district and Kunshan)

You will never regret experiencing the Spring Festival in the watertowns in Suzohu.

Admire plum blossoms in Wuzhong district

Suzhou boasts vast expanses of breathtaking plum blossoms in its suburbs.

Xiangcheng district and Suzhou National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone (SND)

Get intimacy with the nature and animals in Xiangcheng district and SND.

Gusu district and SIP (Suzhou Industrial Park)

Stroll along ancient streets in Suzhou, or have a rest in nature near Yangcheng Lake.